Lynchburg RUF is a citywide campus ministry seeking to be
a rest stop for tired Christians and a safe place for skeptics to consider the good news of Jesus.

RUF is a national college ministry that currently exists on over 110 campus. RUF Lynchburg started up in 2008. We’re here for Christians who’ve been burned out on trying to stay “on fire for God.” We’re here for skeptics who are tired of pat answers to their serious questions. We believe that Jesus is bigger than all of our doubts and sins put together!

We’re sent to Lynchburg by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). So, locally, we’re the college ministry of Redeemer in Lynchburg and Mercy in Forest. But, don’t let that “P” word scare you!  In RUF, you’ll find students from a wide variety of backgrounds all coming to hear the Gospel of Jesus: which is for Christians and non-Christians alike!

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