Welcome to RUF!

RUF Downtown is Back!

722 Commerce st @7:22

We’re a Christian citywide community for college students from every campus, culture, and spiritual background learning how to love God, people, our campuses, and the city.  On Thursday night, we gather downtown for worship, teaching, and community. Throughout the week there are on-campus small groups, service opportunities, and events.  Whether you attend LC, LU, Sweet Briar, Randolph, CVCC, or VUL, we desire to be a home for you.

RUF Lynchburg meets downtown (722 Commerce st) every Thursday night @7:22. Join our large group downtown August 31st to kick of the semester. Need a ride? Not a problem, click here for more information on rides.

Large group is a gathering of all five colleges in the area(LU,LC,SBC,RC& CVCC). Coming to large group is one of the best ways to get connected with RUF and see what RUF is all about! Meeting downtown, we have a great opportunity to serve one another and the Lynchburg community.

Small groups are a great way to get involved in RUF. Continue to look back as the semester gets closer for more information.

Our Colleges


Lynchburg College



RUF Lynchburg is a great way to meet friends, serve one another and grow the community. RUF Lynchburg is constantly hosting different events on our campuses and in the local Lynchburg for community.