Get Connected

Large Group

Come to our RUF “large group” meetings each Thursday night @ 7:22-9:00pm @ 722 Commerce st Downtown Lynchburg . Students from all colleges are welcome to attend!

Small groups

Check our facebook page to see what small groups are happening around the city or on your campus.

One on One

Meet one-on-one with the campus minister or campus staff– Marc, and Audrey would love to meet you for breakfast, lunch, coffee, etc.

Social Events

Throughout the year, we have parties or spontaneous get-togethers. Check the facebook page to keep up!


Check our facebook page to get the latest updates

Other activities

Conferences, service projects and local service projects– Even if you never attend anything else, we’d love to have you join up with us for a conference, service project or a mission trip! We have a statewide RUF conference in the fall semester, and a nationwide Summer Conference after finals in Panama City, FL!