How We Want To Be Known

You’ll often hear us say that we’re a rest stop for tired Christians and a safe place for skeptics to consider the good news of Jesus. Here’s an attempt to elaborate on that a bit. It doesn’t say everything, but here are 9 ways we want to be known:


RUF is a fellowship…

  1.  that focuses on teaching the Bible, how sinners are made right with God (justification), and how sinners walk with God (sanctification) and resists things that may distract from the Gospel.
  2. where students are free to be themselves and to speak freely without fear of reprimand or judgment. 
  3. where students can ask questions. Where everyone is “in process” and no one has it all together.
  4. where students can express not only their faith, but also their doubts.
    1. that measures success NOT by attendance, but by lives transformed through the Gospel.
  5. that points students to Jesus’ bride, the Church (where you’ll find moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, teenagers, kids, and babies… not just 18-22 year olds!).
  6. that can laugh at itself, admit weakness, and be humble because we are made right with God only through Jesus, not through our own efforts (Rom. 9:16).
  7. committed to loving and serving our campus, city, state, and world- in word and in deed.
  8. that doesn’t embrace terms like “sacred vs. secular”, but believes that the whole earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord.
  9. that leads people into a growing relationship with Jesus and equips them to love God and love people in every area of life!