What We Do:

Q – What should I expect will happen at the Thursday night meeting of RUF?

A-College students from around the city gather together at 722 Commerce st Downtown Lynchburg. We worship through singing. A lot of what we sing are old hymns set to new tunes. If you don’t like singing or you don’t know the songs, simply listen in for a while. You’ll find honest songs filled with emotion, sorrow, prayer, praise, loneliness, and joy. There will also be opportunities to ask questions: out loud or through texting- sometimes in front of everyone and sometimes in smaller groups. We pray. RUF on Thursdays is a great place to meet other students from multiple campuses.

Q – What about small groups?

A-Sometimes we have small groups which meet outside of RUF. We tend not to have a lot of extra stuff for on campus Liberty students since most already have a prayer group. You’ll find lots of informal “small groups” of people from RUF hanging out for prayer, encouragement, recreation, and food.

Q – What about mission trips?

A-YES! We can hook you up with summer internships, short term trips, etc. through Mission to the World.

Q – Retreats?

A-We have a statewide fall conference with RUF students accross the Commonwealth of Virginia. We also meet with RUFs across the nation for our annual Summer Conference in Panama City, FL! As anyone who has gone on one of our retreats will tell you, you won’t want to miss them!

Q – What does the campus minister and intern do throughout the week?

A-The main aspect of our job is to spend time with students and we love it! Schedule a meeting with Marc today!

Q – What else?

A-Be on the lookout for breakfasts, lunches, parties, recreation, etc. etc. All of our meetings are perfect for anyone (Christian, skeptic, or “other”) to come and bring friends too! As the word “fellowship” implies, we are all about sharing our lives together.